Speak Out Woolwich
Residents organising

About us

Conference on Woolwich Masterplan in 2019

Above: a break-out group at our Woolwich Masterplan Conference in February 2019.

We are a group of local residents with a passion for Woolwich and its diverse communities. Speak Out Woolwich was formed in 2018.

Our aims

  • Foster community cohesion and civic pride in the Woolwich area.

  • Represent the views of local people in regeneration and development schemes in the Woolwich area.

  • Improve the provision of council, social and genuinely affordable local housing in Woolwich that meets the needs of the local community.

  • Enhance the local environment, services and amenities, including protecting local heritage, in the Woolwich area.

  • Encourage local job creation and support the local economy.

  • Develop a community-led plan for the Woolwich area.

  • Oppose all forms of discrimination that affect the health, dignity and life opportunities of local residents.Foster community cohesion and civic pride in Woolwich.